Pride of Cows’ Contribution to Ayodhya Ram Temple on 22/01

Pride of Cows

Pride of Cows, a leading single-origin milk brand under Parag Milk Foods, is renowned for its premium-quality dairy products. Recently, they made a significant contribution of premium ghee to the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) for a special event at the Ayodhya Ram Temple.

Supporting Tradition with Quality Ghee

The ghee donation by the company plays a crucial role in the preparation of ‘Srivari’ laddus, a traditional prasadam with a 300-year-old heritage. These laddus, each weighing 25 gm, will be distributed at the Ayodhya Ram Mandir’s consecration ceremony on January 22nd. Devendra Shah, the Chairman of Parag Milk Foods, expressed his delight in contributing to this significant event, highlighting their dedication to heritage and community.

Pride of Cows: A Symbol of Quality and Community Involvement

The Ayodhya Ram Temple, a site of immense importance, will see the brand enhance the ceremonial laddus with their high-quality ghee. This act is more than a donation; it symbolizes Pride of Cows’ commitment to community participation and cultural celebrations.

Parag Milk Foods Ltd: A Pioneer in the Dairy Industry

Established in 1992, Parag Milk Foods Ltd. is India’s largest private dairy FMCG company with a widespread presence. Their manufacturing facilities, equipped with advanced technology, are strategically located across India. They offer a range of 100% cow’s milk products known for their health and nutritional value.

Redefining Premium Dairy

The flagship brand of Parag Milk Foods, stands out with its Farm to Home concept, catering to customers seeking top-notch dairy products. The brand has also entered the B2C segment with Avvatar, India’s first 100% vegetarian whey protein. Their vision is to be the foremost dairy FMCG company, focusing on health and nutrition through innovation.

This donation to the Ayodhya Ram Temple event by the company reflects their ethos of not just business excellence but also their role in societal and cultural engagements. It’s a gesture that resonates deeply with their consumer base, which values both quality and tradition.

Conclusion: Pride of Cows’ Journey of Excellence and Contribution

The company’s contribution to the Ayodhya Ram Temple event is a perfect example of how businesses can blend quality products with social and cultural responsibilities.

Their journey from being a premium dairy brand to becoming a key participant in one of India’s significant cultural events is inspiring. This action underlines their commitment to delivering not just quality products but also enriching the community and cultural heritage.

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