Azim Premji: Gifting Wipro Shares to Sons Rishad and Tariq of Rs 483 crore

Azim Premji

A Father’s Legacy: Azim Premji’s Gifts Equity to His Sons

Azim Premji, the founder of Wipro and a stalwart in the Indian IT industry, has made a significant move by transferring many Wipro shares to his sons, Rishad and Tariq Premji. A recent exchange filing revealed that Premji gifted 1.02 crore equity shares of Wipro, valued at approximately Rs 483 crore. This act of generosity is more than just a transfer of wealth; it symbolizes the passing of a legacy from one generation to the next.

Understanding the Impact of This Transfer on Wipro

Wipro, a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company, has seen tremendous growth under Azim Premji’s leadership. The transfer of shares to Rishad, who currently serves as Wipro’s Executive Chairman, and Tariq does not alter the overall promoter and promoter group shareholding in the company. This ensures stability in Wipro’s governance and leadership, a crucial factor for investor confidence and future growth.

Rishad Premji: Carrying Forward the Legacy

Rishad Premji, a prominent figure in the IT industry, has been at the helm of Wipro as its Executive Chairman. Under his leadership, Wipro has continued to thrive, expanding its global footprint and embracing new technological frontiers. This gift of equity shares is not only a testament to Azim Premji’s trust in his son’s capabilities but also a reinforcement of Rishad’s role in steering Wipro toward future successes.

Tariq Premji: A New Pillar in Wipro’s Growth

While Rishad has been a familiar face in Wipro’s leadership, Tariq Premji’s role has been less public. This transfer of shares could signify a more significant involvement of Tariq in the company’s affairs, adding another layer of strength to Wipro’s leadership structure. It also reflects Azim Premji’s vision of a family-led yet professionally managed company.

Wipro’s Future and the IT Industry

Wipro has been a pioneer in the IT sector, contributing significantly to the industry’s evolution. With the new generation of the Premji family stepping into more prominent roles, Wipro is poised to continue its journey of innovation and growth. The company’s emphasis on digital transformation, cloud services, and artificial intelligence positions it well in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

In conclusion, Azim Premji’s decision to gift a significant portion of his Wipro shares to his sons is a strategic move, ensuring the continuation of a legacy he built over decades. It’s a testament to his confidence in Rishad and Tariq’s ability to lead Wipro into a new era of technological advancements and global expansion. As Wipro continues to chart its course in the IT industry, the role of the Premji family remains pivotal, blending tradition with modernity to shape the future of technology and business.

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