Cocobay: Haldiram’s Premium Chocolate Brand to Launch in Indian Market 2024


The festive season in India welcomes a delightful surprise with Haldiram’s Nagpur announcing the launch of its premium chocolate brand, ‘Cocobay’. Known for its exquisite sweets and snacks, the company now ventures into the chocolate segment, aiming to redefine the Indian premium chocolate market.

A New Era in Premium Chocolates, Haldiram’s

Cocobay emerges as a premium brand under Haldiram’s Nagpur Group umbrella, crafted with the finest 100% original cocoa and globally sourced top-notch ingredients. The brand promises a unique twist by introducing an assortment of chocolates that blend fruity palates with subtle spices, catering specifically to Indian tastes. This innovative approach is set to make a standout in the premium chocolate segment.

Cocobay’s Exquisite Range: Tailored for Indian Taste Buds

The range includes a variety of shapes and flavors, such as Rochers, Rocks, Premium Bars, Cigars, Discs, Coins, Bricks, Squares, Hearts, and Buttons. Each product in this line is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and innovation, designed to appeal to the quintessential Indian chocolate aficionado. The flavors are a fusion of traditional and modern tastes, with options like hazelnut, caramel, cranberry, orange peel, dark almond, green tea, chili guava, and crunchy lemon.

Cocobay: Affordable Luxury in Chocolate

In terms of affordability, the brand is going to hit the sweet spot, with prices starting at Rs. 150, making premium chocolates accessible to a broader audience, especially the masses. Available at all premium company stores across major Indian cities and through the Cocobay website, these chocolates are conveniently within reach for customers.

Market Strategy: A Vision by Haldiram’s

Avin Agarwal, the director of Haldirams Foods International, emphasizes the brand’s deep market research and understanding of the evolving premium chocolate segment in India. The brand is strategically positioned to make a significant contribution to the company group’s portfolio, leveraging decades of F&B business expertise.

Redefining Gifting with Premium Chocolates

The brand stands out as an ideal gifting solution for both personal and corporate occasions. The brand is not just about indulging in premium chocolates; it’s about expressing emotions and creating memorable experiences.

The Future of Indian Premium Chocolates

In conclusion, Cocobay marks a new chapter in the Indian premium chocolate market. Adeesh Jain, the general manager of Haldirams Foods International, expresses excitement about this venture, citing the evolving Indian market, upgraded lifestyles, and the discerning Indian consumer as key drivers.

Cocobay is more than just a chocolate brand; it’s an experience, a blend of the finest ingredients with a touch of Indian flavors set to revolutionize the premium chocolate segment in India.

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