Olympic winner Neeraj Chopra invested in OTT

On Monday, regional-dialect OTT platform Stage revealed that the javelin throw Olympic winner Neeraj Chopra invested in OTT. However, the complete details related to the partnership and investment were not disclosed.

In a press meeting held at Neeraj’s ancestral village in Panipat, he said, ‘My investment in Stage is above the desire to revive the diverse regional dialects. We will be able to get on a journey where dormant languages will be reawakened and voices will be empowered. It will ensure that our cultural heritage flourishes in its purest form via this platform.

Neeraj Chopra introduced himself as one of the investors in the ecosystem of this OTT platform. It will lay the groundwork for the upcoming collaboration and success, according to a press release from the platform.

This is a surprising move by this Olympic winner. He stepped into the startup world by investing in this OTT platform. This is a regional streaming platform. It launched in 2019 and has a strong base.

Also, this OTT platform, Stage, claims they have 6 million+ installs. They even have a community of 550, 000+ paying subscribers.

As per the company’s co-founder and even the chief executive, Vinay Singhal, ‘We believe in the robust power of storytelling and exploring the potential of regional content. The involvement of Neeraj Chopra will create a positive impact and will give relevance to our mission.’

A platform deep-rooted in diversity 

The OTT platform, Stage, is unique as it caters to the local dialects and languages. It is offering diverse content to the viewers. The platform will include movies, poetry, motivational material, and a lot more. It focuses on linguistic diversity and further aims to celebrate regional cultures by bringing forward unique content. The offered content will resonate with the viewers on a personal level.

Positive influence on the regional content 

The entry of Neeraj Chopra as an investor into the startup world is not just a personal investment. It is a commitment to preserve and even promote the regional languages and cultures. The platform, Stage, is continuing to flourish with its dialect-centric content and approach, and the involvement of Neeraj Chopra is going to create a positive and long-term influence. This will ensure that this platform is on the path to becoming a beacon for cultural and regional empowerment through its unique content.

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