LPU Student’s ‘ProjectX Cloud’ Receives Rs 1.7 Crore Backing from Google Cloud


Rounak Adhikary, a promising student at Lovely Professional University (LPU), has attained a significant stride with his groundbreaking venture, ‘ProjectX.Cloud.’ Google Cloud has extended a generous sum of $200,000 (equivalent to approximately Rs 1.70 crore) to support his project. The initiative aims to pioneer a unique cloud-based computer system, significantly reducing reliance on physical hardware devices.

Early Backing and Recognition

ProjectX. Cloud began on an optimistic note, receiving rapid recognition and critical support. In its initial phase, the project received a significant grant of Rs 10 lakh, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Further elevating its trajectory, the project was awarded accolades and additional financial support of over Rs 50 lakh courtesy of the Microsoft Founder Program and AWS Activate Founder Program.

Ambitious Funding Endeavors for a Revolutionary Cause

Driven by the vision of transformational change, Adhikari is focused on securing substantial investment totaling $3 million (approximately Rs 24 crore) to propel ProjectX.Cloud into its next phase of growth. Outlining the ethos of the project, the official said, “ProjectX.Cloud is set to revolutionize traditional device functionality by reducing the dependency on traditional hardware infrastructure.”

Gaining Momentum as a Promising Venture

ProjectX. Cloud’s noteworthy strides have led to its inclusion in the prestigious Launchpad accelerator program at IIM Bangalore, signifying a significant milestone in its journey. This remarkable accomplishment has captured the attention of major investment entities, including IFC World Bank, Elevation Capital, Campus Fund, and Kalaari Capital. Their expressed interest underscores this groundbreaking initiative’s profound potential and burgeoning prospects.


The substantial endorsement from Google Cloud is a testament to the innovative prowess and transformative impact embedded within Rounak Adhikary’s ProjectX.Cloud. This pivotal partnership, with prior recognition and financial support, heralds an era of groundbreaking innovation in cloud-based computing. The keen interest from eminent investment firms testifies to its promising trajectory and imminent redefinition of cloud computing paradigms.

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