India adds $5 billion aircraft carrier fleet to counter China

India is all set to add another aircraft carrier fleet worth around $5 billion. It is going to counter China’s naval presence in the region of the Indian Ocean. The Defence Acquisition Council,  Undoubtedly India’s top-notch defence decision-making body, has Rajnath Singh as its defence minister. He is expected to clear the acquisition of this carrier on Friday.

This new carrier can hold around 28 fighter jets and even helicopters. It can also displace 45, 000 tons of water, which is the size of a ship. As per people, it will be flying the French Rafale jets.

Also, the country’s initial homemade carrier, named INS Vikrant, came to the fleet in 2022 and was made by Cochin Shipyard Ltd. India also has aircraft carriers made by Russia. A three-carrier battle group is going to boast the strength of the Indian Navy. This is going to happen in the Indian Ocean when the naval wing of the People’s Liberation Army, which is the world’s largest navy, along with 370 ships as well as submarines, are going to mark their presence in the region of the Indian Ocean.

Moreover, a massive fleet will give India the chance to exert influence in the seas, according to people. However, representatives belonging to the Ministry of Defense and the Indian Navy didn’t comment.

By 2030, the country is planning to have around 160 warships and 175 by 2025, as per familiar people. Currently, around 60+ vessels are under construction by the Indian Navy. Amid the rising naval prowess of China, India is working on its warship patrols more than before.

Key Factors 

  1. Strategic Investment: This is a strategic move costing around $5 billion. It will enhance the naval prowess of India and counter the growing naval presence of China in the region of the Indian Ocean.
  2. Technical Conditions: The latest aircraft carrier can easily accommodate a fleet of around 28 fighter jets and helicopters, along with 45, 000 tons of displacement. Also, it will have French Rafale jets that will boast the country’s commitment to advanced military technology.
  3. Showcasing Strength: This move is highly planned to showcase the country’s navy presence in the Indian Ocean.
  4. Geopolitical Influence: This fleet will allow India to maintain its continuous presence in various distant locations. It shows India’s commitment to safeguard maritime interests.
  5. Militarization of the Indian Ocean: The Indian Ocean is seeing a high militarization of around 125 naval vessels from countries like the US, Japan, etc. This proactive approach by India will allow it to complete the goal of having 160 warships by 2030 and 175 warships by 2035.

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