Healthify Partners with Swiggy for AI-Powered Meal Ordering

Healthify (formerly HealthifyMe) has joined forces with food tech giant Swiggy in a transformative merger of health and convenience. As a result of the collaboration between Healthify and Swiggy, users will have the capability to order meals that are aligned with their dietary preferences. These meals will be suggested by Healthify’s AI coach, Ria, and can be ordered directly from Swiggy’s platform.

From December 15, this new feature, making healthy eating easier, will be exclusively for Healthify Smart subscribers. At the ‘Ignite’ event in Bengaluru, Healthify’s CEO Tushar Vashisht revealed the commercial partnership without sharing how revenue would be split. 

Furthermore, Healthify launched ‘Coach Co-Pilot,’ an AI-based health platform. It studies diets, workouts, stress, and sleep to make personalized plans. Users chat with AI coach Ria and track nutrition by sharing food photos. Human coaches also help in this process.

Healthify aims to grow its B2B side by boosting corporate wellness programs and building stronger company connections. It has a B2B presence, collaborating with companies like HCL and AWS. They aim to expand this by partnering with more enterprises. 

To reinforce its position in the enterprise sector, the startup intends to enhance corporate wellness programs and apps as a strategic move within its B2B strategy. They reduced losses by 10% to INR 42 Cr in FY23 while seeing total revenue rise significantly to INR 228 Cr.

Vashisht is confident about achieving double-digit revenue growth in FY24. Since 2012, Healthify’s AI-based approach has helped 40 million users in 300+ cities. With $130 Mn funding from backers like Khosla Ventures, it has 2.5 Lakh paid users and 1,000+ coaches, showing its dedication to health. 


Healthify and Swiggy team up to simplify healthy eating with AI-powered meal recommendations. With a user-centric approach and strategic expansions, Healthify makes people healthier and grows further. They’re committed to redefining wellness for users everywhere.

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