Aurangabad’s Tara Pan Centre creates a Paan for Rs 5,000


In the historic city of Aurangabad, renowned for the architectural marvels of Ajanta and Ellora, a quaint shop has propelled itself into the spotlight. Tara Pan Centre, nestled in the lively lanes of Osmanpura, has become more than just a local spot. It’s now a global sensation, with its coveted Kohinoor plan priced at a staggering Rs 5,000.

This unassuming betel leaf has garnered international attention for its secret blend, rumored to elevate moods and awaken libidos. Customers from far and wide, including Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Dubai, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, seek this unique paan, often gifting it to newlyweds worldwide.

The shop witnesses daily sales surpassing 10,000 paans, especially during the wedding season, rivaling even the grandest sales of leading e-commerce platforms. What makes the Kohinoor paan so exclusive? It boasts ingredients like the elusive Kasturi (costing a staggering Rs 70 lakh per kilo), saffron (Rs 2 lakh per kilo), rose extracts (Rs 80,000 per kilo), a unique liquid fragrance, and an undisclosed secret component.

Entrepreneur Mohammed Sharfuddin, the brains behind this phenomenon, proudly interacts with curious tourists, sharing anecdotes about the potency of his creation. He remains the sole custodian of the secret powder’s recipe, passed down by his mother on his wedding night, a tale that adds allure to the mystique of the Kohinoor paan.

Sharfuddin, an entertainer at heart, regales eager audiences with his life story. Having harbored Bollywood dreams, he ventured to Mumbai but found himself working at a hotel. Fate intervened when he met a dialogue writer, Kadar Khan, known for his iconic Bollywood scripts. Sharfuddin’s impromptu dialogue impressed Khan, validating his hidden talent for writing.

Though fate led him back home, Sharfuddin relishes his celebrity status, with famous personalities like cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma being patrons of his exclusive paan.

The Kohinoor paan, a marvel crafted from a blend of rare ingredients, has created a global craze and promoted elevated Aurangabad’s Tara Pan Centre to unparalleled fame. For the average customer, indulging in the Rs 5 paan may be a modest experience. Still, the enthralling story behind it proves to be priceless! A testament to Sharfuddin’s Bollywood dreams realized unexpectedly and delightfully.

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