Unacademy Success: Striking a Chord of Sustainability in EdTech


Unacademy financial journey is no ordinary spreadsheet tale. As we delve into the highlights of FY23, the platform’s moves echo beyond numbers, shaping the narrative of Indian edTech.

Unacademy revenue recorded a 41% decrease in its consolidated net loss, reaching INR 1,678.1 crore for FY23 compared to INR 2,847.9 crore in the previous fiscal year. Simultaneously, the platform experienced a 26% growth in operating revenue, reaching INR 907 crore in FY23, up from INR 719.2 crore in FY22.

Dancing with Numbers:

With a significant reduction from the previous year, the platform’s focus on financial prudence sets the stage for a promising trajectory.

Operating revenue crescendos to INR 907 Cr, showcasing both growth and strategic moves during turbulent times. Adaptability and market responsiveness are the keys to navigating challenges with finesse.

Navigating Challenges: The journey to fiscal glory involved navigating turbulent years marked by layoffs and pay cuts since 2022. These strategic decisions set the stage for the financial turnover witnessed in FY23, showcasing the pas de deux of growth and adversity.

A Future of Sustainability: Gaurav Munjal‘s 60% reduction in cash burn in 2023 and a cash runway of over four years signal a shift towards financial sustainability. This strategic note underscores Unacademy’s commitment to prolonged viability, reducing dependency on external funding.

Shifts in Dynamics: Acknowledging a 30% degrowth in online business in 2023, Unacademy unveiled a different facet of its story. The offline business, embodied by Unacademy Centres, saw a substantial leap in learners, suggesting a diversified approach to weather market dynamics.

Employee and Operational Efficiency: The commitment of Unacademy to expense management is evident in the 26% decline in total expenditure in FY23. A reduction in advertising expenses by 33% and payments to educators by 31% underscores the platform’s focus on operational efficiency. Despite multiple rounds of layoffs and salary cuts, employee benefits remain the largest expense category, signaling ongoing efforts to balance cost and operational effectiveness.

Strategic Subsidiaries: Unacademy extends beyond a platform, with subsidiaries like Graphy, UnacademyX, NextLevel, and Prepladder enriching its offerings.

This strategic diversification ensures resilience by catering to varied educational needs and strengthening the company’s position in the ever-evolving edTech market.

Having raised over $800 million from backers, Unacademy’s recent financial performance serves as a domino, attracting more investments. This backing underlines investor confidence in Unacademy’s journey, setting the stage for the next act of this glorious performance.

In essence, the financial story of Unacademy is a harmonious blend of strategic moves, sector-wide impact, and a commitment to sustainability. As the platform continues its journey, the spotlight is on how these financial roadmaps will shape the future of edTech in India.

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