Arzooo Powers Retail Revolution with Series B Funding Boost 2024


In a bold stride forward, Arzooo has raised its Series B funding, securing additional investments from its original backers. This move builds on the company’s impressive initial $70 million Series B round that was publicized in June 2022, winning backing from both global and Indian venture capitalists, a group that includes SBI Investment and DoorDash’s Tony Xu.

Empowering Retail Stores with Fresh Capital

Though the sum of this extra boost is under wraps, it speaks volumes about the investors’ trust in Arzooo’s plan to shake up retail stores. The company stands out for leveling the playing field for offline retail stores, helping them break free from traditional constraints like size, scale, and inventory.

Tech Advancement for Retail Efficiency

The fresh funds are earmarked to strengthen the company’s tech backbone, improve operational efficiency, and double down on its slice of India’s consumer durable market. Arzooo’s B2B model is a game-changer for retail, offering real-time buying solutions for high-value durable goods. A New Chapter in Retail

Arzooo’s leap into the consumer domain with is a key achievement. This B2C hub empowers offline retail stores to expand online, cutting back on the need for in-store visits. As a niche platform for large appliance shopping, taps into Arzooo’s vast network of local stores, offering supply chain advantages that are tough to beat.

NU Brand: A Leap into White Goods

Arzooo’s dive into white goods with its “NU” brand showcases its dedication to retail innovation. Launched last year, NU aims to bring premium air-conditioners, TVs, and washing machines within easy reach. With distribution through both brick-and-mortar retail stores and online outlets like, Amazon, and Flipkart, the company ensures its products are everywhere consumers are shopping.

Arzooo’s Vertical Integration: A Boon for Retail Stores

The Company’s deep dive into the consumer electronics world provides retail stores with an impressive variety of products, giving them the power to grow without the usual hurdles. As Arzooo keeps pushing retail boundaries, its fresh injection of funds puts it at the cutting edge of India’s high-value retail market.

With this strategic funding extension, The company will transform retail stores and set new benchmarks for the entire retail sector. As a partner to local retail stores, Arzooo is a work in progress, guiding the way to a more efficient and inclusive future for retail.

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