Sidharth Shakdher’s New Role at Ola a Milestone Move from Disney+ Hotstar in 2024


Big news in the world of business as Sidharth Shakdher, the former Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Disney+ Hotstar, makes a significant career move to join ANI Technologies, more popularly known as Ola Mobility. According to multiple insiders speaking to ET, Shakdher has been appointed as the global Chief Business Officer.

Sidharth Shakdher Leads the Way for Ola’s Expansion

In his new role at Ola, Shakdher will take the helm of the company’s ambitions to expand revenue and growth. His portfolio also includes ramping up marketing initiatives in India and in international markets as well. This will cover Ola’s established mobility services and extend into new ventures such as e-commerce.

Strategic Moves for Global Expansion

Ola’s global growth, marketing, and the launch of new initiatives will all come under Shakdher’s leadership. Despite this exciting update, both Ola and Disney+ Hotstar have maintained silence and did not offer comments when approached by the press.

Shakdher’s Stellar Track Record: Move from Disney+ Hotstar

Before his new chapter at Ola, Shakdher was an integral part of Disney+ Hotstar’s founding leadership team. He played a pivotal role in steering the platform’s marketing strategies and was instrumental in its international growth and direct-to-consumer (D2C) business strategies. Shakdher dedicated over seven years to Disney+ Hotstar, contributing significantly to its success.

His journey with Disney+ Hotstar began in 2016 when he stepped in as Senior Vice President and Growth Head. His leadership qualities soon saw him take over the consumer business in 2018, and eventually, he climbed the ranks to become the EVP and Business Head. In 2021, he focused his expertise on the marketing, growth, and D2C business segments.

However, Shakdher’s expertise isn’t confined to Disney+ Hotstar alone. Before his stint there, he was at the forefront of marketing and growth for Amazon in Seattle, managing one of their largest US third-party marketplaces.

A Legacy of Brand Success

During his tenure at Reckitt Benckiser, Shakdher helped establish the Dettol brand in the US personal care market, one of his many notable brand stories. His experience spans over two and a half decades, with a resume that includes names like Samsung, Canon, HP, and Xerox.

The Future of Ola and Shakdher

As Ola strides forward in the competitive mobility and e-commerce sectors, Shakdher’s wealth of experience is a significant asset. With his extensive background and proven track record of leading brands to success, Shakdher is well-positioned to drive Ola into its next phase of growth and innovation.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow Sidharth Shakdher’s journey at Ola and the innovative paths he carves for the mobility giant in the global marketplac

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