Why are BS3 and BS4 engines more polluting? Ban on BS3 and BS4 engines

Recently, with the GRAP plan, the Graded Response Action Plan, mainly four restrictions have been lifted in Delhi. The residents expected to have a smooth daily commute by assuming the lift on the band of BS3 and BS4 vehicles. But the ban has been relaxed for construction activity, buses, trucks, etc. There is still a ban on the purchase of vehicles with BS3 and BS4 engines.

According to Environment Minister Gopal Rai, ‘There has been some improvement in Delhi’s air quality, but people still need to stick to the rules. However, the ban on truck entry has been withdrawn.

Under GRAP-4, private and commercial vehicles cannot travel within Delhi or enter from other regions. These restrictions were relaxed after seeing some AQI improvement and reaching 290 on the 19th of this month.

Is it possible to drive BS3 and BS4 engine cars in Delhi?

On the other hand, the terms of vehicle movement or restrictions have been released for buses and trucks. The people with below BS4 emissions norm cars or vehicles, cannot drive in Delhi. They have to opt for other modes of commuting in the city. However, the ban on BS3 and BS4 engines or cars can be lifted in the future.

This can be achieved only after AQI levels improve. There is no specific date or time for this. So, people are suggested to avoid driving their non-compliant cars as they can lead to hefty fines of around Rs. 20, 000.

The GRAP-4 measures are being relaxed by the government. But GRAP-1, 2, and 3 restrictions are going to be followed in the city. The environment minister of Delhi further said, ‘I am requesting Delhi people and North Indian people to be vigilant. There has been some improvement in the environment, but to remain cautious is necessary. The AQI before Diwali was 215, and the carelessness of people led to an increase after Diwali.’

As of the 21st of this month, the air quality in Delhi is around 323, which is in the very poor category as per CPCB. AQI monitoring agencies stated that they should avoid using BS3 and BS4 engine cars in the city.

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