PhonePe Co-Founder Rakesh Deshmukh Steps Down after 10 Years


In a strategic move, Rakesh Deshmukh, co-founder of Indus Appstore under PhonePe’s ownership, bids farewell as CEO after a decade-long journey. This pivotal development aligns with Indus Appstore’s plans to challenge Google’s Play Store with the launch of its Android mobile app marketplace.

As Deshmukh pauses his next adventure, the leadership transition marks a significant moment for the platform.

Android Expansion

The Play Store Challenger: Now, Indus Appstore is gearing up for its most ambitious project yet: a dedicated Android app marketplace. This platform aims to offer developers and users an alternative to Google’s Play Store, with several key advantages:

  • No fees: Unlike Google’s 15–30% cut on in-app purchases, Indus Appstore plans to operate fee-free for developers, potentially enticing creators to bring their apps to the platform.
  • Local focus: Recognising the importance of regional languages, the Indus App Store will allow developers to list apps in 12 Indian languages, providing accessibility to a vast new audience.
  • Dedicated support: Developers can expect round-the-clock support via email or chatbot from India-based representatives, along with dedicated account managers for personalized assistance.
  • Early partnerships: Indus Appstore has already secured partnerships with real-money game developers like Dream11 and Mobile Premier League, showing its commitment to attracting diverse players.
  • Device integrations: Collaborations with device manufacturers like Lava and Nokia to pre-install the app store on their devices offer Indus Appstore a foothold in the market.

Deshmukh’s Next Chapter: While leaving the CEO role, Deshmukh’s plans remain unclear. He hinted at “taking a moment to recharge and prepare for the next impactful journey,” leaving the door open for exciting ventures in the tech world.

The Road Ahead: With a new leader at the helm and a groundbreaking app marketplace on the horizon, Indus Appstore’s future looks bright.

Its focus on Indian languages, developer-friendly policies, and strategic partnerships position it as a potential disruptor in the competitive app store landscape. Whether it can truly challenge Google’s Play Store dominance is yet to be seen, but Indus Appstore’s ambitions are certainly worth watching.

Conclusion: As Rakesh Deshmukh takes a step back from the CEO position, PhonePe-backed Indus Appstore braces itself for a transformative period. The launch of the Android mobile app marketplace is supposed to make waves, offering developers an alternative to traditional app store models.

The leadership change marks not just a transition but a strategic evolution for the Indus App Store, setting the stage for a dynamic future in the competitive app industry.

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