Meesho: Remarkable Journey of Indian Startup Ecosystem


From Concept to Phenomenon: The Rise of Meesho App

The story of Meesho stands out among the dynamic world of India’s startups. In late 2015, close friends Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal founded this company.

This online marketplace was designed to connect suppliers, resellers, and customers, harnessing the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Identifying a Market Niche

Vidit and Sanjeev saw largely untapped potential in housewives and women from smaller towns. They wanted to create an online marketplace that was not only accessible but also user-friendly and flexible. Their goal was clear: to empower these women to achieve financial independence and step into the world of entrepreneurship.

Imagine a platform that connects small-town entrepreneurs with millions of potential customers, all through the familiar world of Facebook and Instagram. They have created a viable online platform that has given independence to small businesses. Seeing the hidden potential in housewives and women from smaller towns, Vidit and Sanjeev crafted a platform accessible, flexible, and friendly enough for anyone to become a “reseller.” Think of them as online shopkeepers, empowered to re-sell a vast array of products through social media.

The Growth and Impact of Meesho

Meesho’s meteoric rise saw its valuation soar to a staggering $4.98 billion, a testament to its impact and potential. But the real magic lies in the countless lives that have been transformed. From shy homemakers to confident business owners, Meesho has become a platform for dreams to take flight.


Their first “office” was a humble dining table in a Bengaluru apartment, a far cry from the bustling headquarters they have today. Nevertheless, Meesho’s seeds were sown there, fueled by ramen noodles and passion. The rest, as they say, is history.

Future Prospects and Growth 

As Meesho continues to expand its reach and capabilities, the future looks promising. The platform is set to introduce more innovative features and expand its product range, further cementing its position as a leading player in India’s e-commerce sector.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

The story of Meesho is a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. It showcases how a simple idea, when executed with clarity and dedication, can transform into a successful business model. The journey of Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal with the App serves as an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. It highlights the potential of the Indian startup ecosystem and the role of technology in shaping business strategies. The success as an innovative online platform and marketplace that empowers women entrepreneurs remains a notable chapter in India’s start-up history.

Meesho shines as a ray of hope, reminding us that with a little grit and a lot of heart, even the most unattainable dreams can take flight.

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