How Audio Brand Noise Secures Strategic Investment From Bose

Gurugram-based audio products and wearables startup Noise has made significant waves in the tech industry by securing a strategic investment from the renowned global consumer electronics and audio giant Bose. This collaboration marks a critical moment for Noise, which until now was self-funded and bootstrapped.

Founded in 2014 by Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri, Noise initially entered the market by retailing smartphone cases and accessories. However, the company took a strategic turn by shifting its focus towards smart wearables and wireless headphones. Noise competes directly with industry players such as Aman Gupta’s boAt and other notable contenders in this scenario.

This strategic investment from Bose represents a significant milestone for Noise, marking its inaugural external funding round. This capital investment will take the company’s growth trajectory to new heights. Noise has Virat Kohli as their Brand Endorser, with Virat as an endorser, noise team is looking really aggressive to drive the category.

In a recent statement, Noise clarified that this strategic collaboration with Bose will catalyze innovation within the audio domain. This partnership is expected to strengthen Noise’s research and design capabilities, leading it to greater prominence in the technology market.

Amit Khatri, one of Noise’s co-founders, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting its transformative potential for the company’s trajectory. Khatri commented, “It is about the right partnership at the right time, and we strongly believe that our strategic alliance with Bose will be a turning point in our journey towards revolutionizing the future of the smart wearables sector.”

This collaboration with Bose marks a financial boost for Noise and opens doors to many possibilities. With Bose’s vast expertise and global presence in consumer electronics and audio technology, Noise will benefit significantly. This synergy drives a wave of innovation, resulting in cutting-edge products that meet the growing demands of tech-savvy consumers across the globe.

The company’s commitment to innovation and customer-focused products aligns seamlessly with Bose’s heritage of excellence in audio engineering. This partnership is not just an investment; It symbolizes the convergence of vision and expertise, setting the stage for unprecedented advancements in the audio technology landscape.

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