Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant Yoga Day Call

Pramod Sawant

Sounding the alarm over the rising tide of lifestyle diseases among youth, Goa’s chief minister, Pramod Sawant, urged everyone to embrace the healing power of yoga and other wholesome practices.

Chief Minister Sawant highlighted the positive impact of yoga on physical and mental wellbeing. He stressed the importance of incorporating yoga into our daily routine, stating that it helps in building a strong immune system, improving flexibility, and reducing stress and anxiety. He also stressed that people of all ages and skill levels can practice yoga.

He also mentioned the importance of playing traditional games, including langdi, kho-kho, and volleyball, to enhance fitness and flexibility.

Yoga for a Healthy and Harmonious Society 

In his address, he emphasized the role of yoga in promoting a healthy and harmonious society. He urged citizens to spread awareness about the benefits of yoga.

He also highlighted the role of yoga in promoting peace and unity among individuals and communities.

Chief Minister’s Pledge to Make Goa a Yoga Hub

Pramod Sawant announced Goa’s commitment to becoming a hub for yoga, stating that the state will work towards promoting and preserving the ancient practice. He also mentioned that the government will provide the necessary support and infrastructure to facilitate the growth of yoga in the state.

Collaboration with Yoga Institutions and Experts 

The desire to collaborate with renowned yoga institutions and experts to further promote and elevate the practice in Goa was also expressed by the Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant. He highlighted the potential of yoga to boost tourism and create employment opportunities in the state.

In addition, he mentioned that in our Indian tradition, we are taught aboutarogya dhanasampada,’ which means that health holds greater value than wealth. This timeless wisdom highlights the paramount importance of one’s well-being and maintaining a fit and healthy body. It serves as a gentle reminder that, in the search for a fulfilling life, dedicating attention to the care and vitality of our bodies is an invaluable investment.

Our cultural teachings advocate for a balance between physical wellness and the pursuit of material wealth, recognizing that a sound and healthy body is the true wealth that enriches our journey through life.

PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Underscoring the transformative impact of the PM Vishwakarma scheme, the Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, noted that individuals rooted in traditional professions and historically confined by caste barriers finally gained a sense of self-worth and the opportunity to lead dignified lives. The scheme’s success is evident in the remarkable enrollment of over 30,000 participants.

Conclusion: A Call for Yoga Integration 

Chief Minister Sawant’s passion and commitment to promoting yoga are a strong call for the integration of this ancient practice into our daily lives.

In conclusion let us take inspiration from his words and strive towards unlocking the potential of yoga for our physical, mental, and societal well-being. Let us make yoga an integral part of our lives and contribute towards building a healthier and happier world.

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