Embracing Wellness: Chandigarh’s Yoga Conference 2024 Highlights

Chandigarh Yoga

Chandigarh’s Commitment to Integrating Yoga in Sports and Health

The recent yoga conference held at PGIMER, Chandigarh, became a gathering of thoughts and discussions on the ancient yoga practice.

Dr Jaideep Arya, the chairman of Haryana Yog Aayog, opened the dialogue about the significance of yoga asanas in sports. He noted how these asanas have not only been included in the Olympics but are also playing a crucial role in enhancing athletes’ performances worldwide. 

Yoga’s Influence on Olympic Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts in Chandigarh

The conference, attended by experts from various corners of India, shone a light on the transformational impact of Yoga in the realm of sports. With Chandigarh being a hub for budding sports talent, the integration of yoga into athletes’ routines is setting new benchmarks for performance and endurance. 

The Academic Perspective: Enhancing Yoga Education and Research

A session featured Dr Sanjib Patra, Head of Central University, Rajasthan, who addressed the importance of policies for distributing degrees in Yoga subjects. He brought to light the need for regulation in the education of Yoga to maintain its sanctity and authenticity.

Later, Prof. O. P Katare from the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University, offered a refreshing perspective on meditation and its necessity for creating a still and calm mind, essential for generating high-quality research. 

Chandigarh’s Pioneering Research in Yoga

Dr. Vikram Pai from AIIMS Raipur discussed the importance of qualitative research in Yoga, highlighting the need for evidence-based practice. His insights paved the way for a broader conversation on how Chandigarh can lead in yoga research, contributing significantly to the global understanding of its benefits.

Policy Recommendations and Clinical Trials: Chandigarh’s Role

The conference concluded with a powerful brainstorming session that led to several recommendations. These include training faculty at their workplace, increasing Yoga awareness, and proposing a global clinical trial of yoga to control alcohol addiction—a prevalent issue among youth.

The trial, which will be conducted across prestigious institutes like PGIMER in Chandigarh, Raipur AIIMS, and Rishikesh AIIMS, aims to assess the effectiveness of yoga on addiction. The outcomes are expected to influence policy recommendations sent to the Union ministries, including the state government, PMO, Ayush, and health ministries.

Chandigarh: The Best Place for Yoga Outreach Programmes

The discussions at the conference emphasized the importance of outreach Yoga programs for the general public, which are essential for building a healthier community. Chandigarh, with its commitment to health and wellness, is poised to become a leader in propagating the benefits of Yoga to a wider audience.

Conclusion: Chandigarh’s Yogic Revolution

The Yoga conference in Chandigarh has set a new precedent for integrating yoga into various facets of life—from sports to academia and public health. It is a testament to the city’s forward-thinking approach and its dedication to fostering a wellness culture that resonates with India’s ancient wisdom.

Chandigarh’s journey with Yoga is just beginning, and the world is watching as it takes bold steps towards a more mindful and healthy future. Recently, the Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, made a public declaration regarding Goa’s dedication to establishing itself as a central hub for yoga practices.

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