Virat Kohli Remarkable Comeback: Latest ICC Test Rankings

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the batting maestro of Indian cricket, has roared back into the top 10 of the ICC Test Rankings after a commendable performance in the first Test against South Africa early this week. His scores of 38 and 76 may not be his usual numbers, but they hold great significance in the grand scheme of his cricketing journey, considering the fightback he has given to the opponent when wickets were tumbling on the other side.

Virat Kohli’s Climb Back to the Mountaintop:

  • After a rough patch between 2020 and 2022, where his average dipped below 40, Kohli has shown encouraging signs of resurgence in the last two years.
  • His recent scores in Test cricket paint a picture of a batsman rediscovering his anchor. In the last eight Tests, he has amassed 671 runs at a stellar average of 54.73, even registering two centuries.
  • This impressive streak has pushed him four places up the ladder, landing him in the ninth position.

Virat Kohli’s resurgence isn’t just good news for Indian cricket – it’s a boon for his ever-impressive net worth.

His climb back to the top 10 of the ICC Test Rankings not only solidifies his cricketing prowess but also translates to lucrative opportunities in the world of endorsements and sponsorships. Remember, this isn’t just any cricketer returning to form. Virat Kohli is arguably the most valuable athlete in India.

With his recent performance, brands are bound to take notice, potentially leading to even more lucrative partnerships and a further boost to Virat Kohli net worth, which is over $126 million.

Jasprit Bumrah’s Comeback: 

Just as Virat Kohli’s net worth has increased, so have Jasprit Bumrah’s rankings, who re-entered the bowlers’ position at the fifth position with a rating of 767.

Bumrah’s impactful bowling has once again made him a force to be reckoned with in the Test arena. Notably, he stands just behind Ravindra Jadeja, who secured the fourth position with a rating of 774.

Noteworthy Rises in the Pakistan Camp and Global Appeal:

The commendable performances by Pakistani players, including Saud Shakeel, Abdullah Shafique, and Mohammed Rizwan, not only elevate international cricket but also contribute to the overall global appeal of the sport.

Saud Shakeel rose one spot to 13th, Abdullah Shafique climbed three spots to 21st, and Mohammed Rizwan advanced four spots to 27th in the latest ICC Test Rankings.

Kohli’s Return: A Sign of Things to Come?

Virat Kohli’s return to form is a reason for celebration for fans and the entire Indian cricket fraternity. His presence at the top of his game adds vital confidence and stability to the Indian batting line-up.

While it’s still too early to predict a sustained return to peak Kohli, the signs are promising. His hunger, determination, and technical prowess are all gradually returning, making cricket fans worldwide eagerly await the next chapter in his glorious career. This increased global visibility can positively impact Virat Kohli net worth, as he remains one of the most marketable and globally recognized cricket icons.

Stay tuned for more thrilling cricket action as these players continue to make their mark on the global stage.

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