Urban Yog introduces actress Tara Sutaria as their brand ambassador

Tara Sutaria

Urban Yog, a prominent women’s beauty and personal care brand under GlobalBees Brands Pvt. Ltd., proudly announces actress Tara Sutaria as its newest face, marking a significant stride in its journey toward empowering women.

The brand, devoted to celebrating women who embrace boldness and advocate for change, discovered an ideal representative in Tara Sutaria, recognizing her versatility and professionalism as a perfect match for their ethos. Urban Yog remains steadfast in its commitment to curate result-oriented products that address everyday challenges faced by women.

Tara expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Partnering with Urban Yog feels like a perfect synergy of ideologies. Today’s women are achieving incredible milestones, whether in their professional endeavors or managing their households. Urban Yog stands as a valuable companion in this journey, offering exceptional products that cater to the diverse needs of women across all age groups. Their range seamlessly integrates into our busy schedules, providing ease and value.”

Urban Yog prides itself on offering bold, affordable, and innovative beauty and personal care solutions, spanning menstrual, skin, and hair care categories. All Urban Yog products are formulated without alcohol and parabens, remain cruelty-free, and are suitable for all skin types. The brand’s comprehensive lineup is accessible through its official website and the Amazon platform.

Established in 2019, Urban Yog epitomizes a visionary approach, continuously innovating solutions tailored for women striving to instigate change within themselves and society. The brand’s unwavering commitment to empowering women aligns seamlessly with its mission of providing products that enhance comfort and efficacy in the lives of its consumers.

As the brand forges ahead, leveraging Tara Sutaria’s influential presence, Urban Yog remains dedicated to its ethos of empowerment and innovation. This collaboration heralds a promising chapter in the brand’s narrative, further amplifying its dedication to providing women with accessible, reliable, transformative beauty and personal care solutions.

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