Mani Ratnam is honoured with ‘Indian of the Year’ Award

Mani Ratnam

In a ceremony celebrating excellence across various walks of life, legendary filmmaker Mani Ratnam received the prestigious Indian of the Year award in the Entertainment category at the CNN-News18 Indian of the Year 2023 awards.

This is a well-deserved recognition for a director who has not only shaped Indian cinema but also consistently entertained audiences with his glorious storytelling and timeless projects. 

Highlighting Mani Ratnam’s Impact:

At the CNN-News18 Indian of the Year 2023 awards, Javed Akhtar presented the Indian of the Year award in the Entertainment category to filmmaker Mani Ratnam. Akhtar, highlighting Ratnam’s significance, mentioned, “The world is a conveyor belt. People come, people go. But very few turn this conveyor into something solid and immovable.”

A Legacy Built on Stories:

Ratnam’s journey began with a love for cinema deeply rooted in his soul. From his early masterpieces like “Mouna Ragam” and “Nayakan” to the poignant romance of “Dil Se..” and the historical drama of “Raavan,” his films have explored diverse themes with emotional depth and artistic brilliance. Movies like “O Kadhal Kanmani” and “Kannathil Muthamittal” showcased his ability to tell intimate stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. 

Ponniyin Selvan: A Magnum Opus

The recent honor recognizes not just Ratnam’s past achievements but also his dedication to successful projects. His two-part epic “Ponniyin Selvan,” adapted from Kalki Krishnamurthy’s historical novel, stands as a testament to his ambition and detail-oriented filmmaking.

In his acceptance speech, Ratnam acknowledged the challenges of bringing this historical saga to life. He expressed his admiration for Kalki’s masterpiece and its relevance, even after decades. He spoke about the intricate political dynamics, power struggles, and human emotions depicted in the novel, finding parallels with our present world.

Beyond Entertainment, a Message for Today:

While thanking Javed Akhtar for presenting the award, Ratnam urged him to return to writing screenplays. He highlighted the need for voices like Akhtar’s in an era preoccupied with numbers and box-office trends. This heartfelt plea reflects Ratnam’s commitment to cinema as a medium for not just entertainment but also for looking inward and talking about important things.

The Entertainment category also saw stellar performances by fellow nominees Deepika Padukone, Manoj Bajpayee, and Sunny Deol.

Throughout his career, Mani Ratnam has consistently pushed boundaries, experimented with forms, and challenged stereotypes. He has created characters that linger in our minds long after the credits roll, reminding us of the beauty and complexity of the human mind and heart.

With many more stories waiting to be told and cinematic worlds to be explored, this award serves as a beacon, showcasing Mani Ratnam’s immense contribution to Indian cinema and promising a captivating future filled with more masterpieces to come.

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