SN Subrahmanyan: The man who constructed and designed the Ayodhya Ram Temple 2024

SN Subrahmanyan

SN Subrahmanyan: The man behind the design

Ayodhya Ram Temple is now open to everyone after the PM of India, Narendra Modi, performed the rituals for ‘pran pratishtha’ of the Lord Ram’s idol.

The consecration of the Ayodhya Ram Temple was celebrated by people around the world. No wonder the beauty of the prestigious Ram Temple built in Ayodhya left everyone in awe.

While there are many important people and key names behind the mesmerizing beauty of Ayodhya Ram Temple, the one name that has been in the headlines for a long time now is Larsen and Toubro, which is L&T.

Not many people are aware of Larsen and Toubro; it is the engineering and construction conglomerate that designed and even built the entire Ayodhya Ram Temple. With a market cap of around Rs. 419000 crore, it is spearheaded by SN Subrahmanyan. He is a civil engineer and has an MBA.

SN was hired by L&T in 1984, and since then he has been working with the firm. He has played a major role in the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Temple. The design and construction have been handled by his firm.

About SN Subrahmanyan 

SN Subrahmanyan is known to be the chairman as well as the managing director of L&T. He has been handling the construction giant as CEO as well as MD since 2017. SN recently got the position of L&T Group after the former chairman, AM Naik, stepped down.

He is also known to serve on the board of directors of L&T, which is a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate. This is an Indian multinational conglomerate that has business interests in engineering, manufacturing, construction, etc.

SN Subrahmanyan is from Chennai. He started his career with L&T in 1984 in the position of project planning engineer. He has a degree in civil engineering and has done his post-graduation in business management.

SN Subrahmanyan did an executive management program at the prestigious London Business School. He is a married man, and his wife is Meena Subrahmanyan. Both have two children.

He is also known to be the Vice Chairman of LTIMindtree as well as L&T Technology Services, along with the Chairman of L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad. SN Subrahmanyan is the director and chairperson of L&T Finance Holdings Limited.

Salary of SN Subrahmanyan

In FY22, SN Subrahmanyan had a salary package of around Rs. 61.27 crore, which is estimated to be around Rs. 16,70,000 for one day. This was around a 115 percent rise in his previous year’s salary package. Plus, he had a great salary cut last year.

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