Mercedes-Benz GLS Facelift: Launching soon in India


Mercedes-Benz India gearing up

Mercedes-Benz India is gearing up to introduce the GLS facelift, marking the onset of 2024 with a revamped flagship SUV. This updated iteration promises significant cosmetic upgrades and innovative features, enhancing the allure of this iconic model. Let us dig deeper and understand more about this model.

Design Enhancements

The new GLS showcases evolutionary design changes. Expect a larger front grille with four horizontal louvers finished in Silver Shadow. The headlamps flaunt a revised LED pattern, while the front bumper features a sleek redesign with updated air inlets and gloss black surrounds. Riding on fresh 20-inch wheels in Himalayas Grey, the GLS exudes a refined and contemporary exterior.

Mercedes-Benz: Luxurious Interiors

Inside, the GLS facelift retains its seven-seater layout, offering consumers the choice between Catalana Brown and Bahia Brown interior themes. The infotainment system receives a substantial upgrade, operating on the latest MBUX version with three display modes – Classic, Sporty, and Discreet. An intriguing addition is the ‘off-road’ mode, utilizing a 360-degree camera to offer a comprehensive visual experience on the screen. Additionally, the SUV incorporates the brand’s signature transparent bonnet for enhanced off-road safety and control.

Powertrain and Expectations

Presently, the GLS is powered by a robust 3.0-litre diesel engine mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox. While specific details about the updated model’s powertrain await confirmation, expectations lean towards retaining the current powertrain. There’s also speculation about the potential introduction of a petrol engine variant to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

Highlighting Luxury and Technology

The GLS facelift emphasizes Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to delivering premium luxury and cutting-edge technology. The amalgamation of refreshed aesthetics, enhanced interior features, and potential powertrain updates solidifies the GLS’s standing as a frontrunner in the luxury SUV segment.

Conclusion: Mercedes-Benz pursuit of excellence

The GLS facelift represents Mercedes-Benz’s continual pursuit of excellence, aiming to set new benchmarks in luxury, technology, and performance. The blend of refined aesthetics and updated features is poised to captivate enthusiasts and elevate the experience of luxury SUV enthusiasts.

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