MasterChef Star Nambie Jessica Mark’s Mission To Empower Village Girls Through Culinary Excellence

Nambie Jessica

Nambie Jessica Marak, recognized as the Tribal Chef from MasterChef India’s Season 8, isn’t just about culinary skills; she’s on a mission to transform lives. Securing the prestigious first runner-up position in the culinary competition marked the start of her inspiring journey towards uplifting village girls in Meghalaya, Northeast India.

Her culinary venture extends beyond the television screen. Through her YouTube channel, ‘Eat Your Kappa,’ Nambie showcases the rich culinary diversity of Northeast India, emphasizing the vibrant flavors and cultures unique to the region. Her homemade pickles have also transcended borders, reaching international markets in Singapore, Paris, and the USA. However, for Nambie, this isn’t merely a business; it’s a means to financially empower the women of her village.

“I want to empower the women in my village through this business,” Nambie stated passionately. By involving village girls in the pickle-making process, she aims to impart skills and foster financial independence among them. Her vision extends beyond the boundaries of her village, hoping that her success on MasterChef India will open doors for further growth, inviting more women and girls to join this empowering initiative.

Hailing from the serene village of Upper Rangsa, nestled in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Nambie highlights the challenges her village encounters because of inadequate road accessibility. Yet, she remains dedicated to showcasing Meghalaya’s culinary wonders and Northeast India’s diverse flavors to a broader audience.

Despite her upbringing in Shillong, a bustling city, Nambie returned to her roots, embracing a rural life with her family. Her efforts have earned her respect and admiration from her villagers, who take pride in her role in introducing their village to the nation.

Nambie’s commitment doesn’t stop at her village. She’s determined to break barriers by familiarizing India and the world with the lesser-known cuisines of Meghalaya and Northeast India. Her recent participation in the ‘Viksit Bharat Sankalpa Yatra,’ a government initiative, showcased her dedication to this cause. Felicitated in Athyibari village, Nambie received accolades from local legislators and officials, furthering her mission amidst cheers and encouragement from the community.

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