Karan Johar Lauds ‘Animal’ as the Game Changing Film of the Year

Karan Johar Lauds 'Animal'

Renowned filmmaker Karan Johar has sincerely admired Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s upcoming movie, ‘Animal.’He labels it the “pinnacle cinematic experience of the year.”In a recent roundtable discussion, Karan Johar effusively praised the film’s narrative, storytelling finesse, and the unwavering conviction exhibited throughout, despite harboring initial apprehensions of judgment.

The spotlight of Karan Johar’s praise was explicitly directed towards the Ranbir Kapoor starer, ‘Animal.’ The film left an unforgettable mark on his cinematic sensibilities. He emphatically hailed it as “the best film of the year,” a statement he boldly made after witnessing the movie not once but twice. This declaration, he admitted, demanded a measure of courage due to his underlying fear of critical scrutiny.

Karan Johar was captivated by the movie’s climactic scene, particularly for an emotionally charged moment that resonated deeply with him. “The end, where the two men are going for each other, and they play that song… I had tears in my eyes, but there was only blood. So I was like, ‘Something is wrong with me, or something is wrong with him, but something put together is very right about this film,'” Karan Johar remarked!

Speaking candidly about his engagement with the film, Johar divulged that he watched it twice. Initially, I was an enchanted audience member, and then I was in an analytical capacity to delve into its nuances. He underscored the film’s ability to resonate with audiences and revolutionize the industry’s reception of cinematic endeavors like ‘Animal.’ The sheer conviction exhibited in the movie’s execution was a game-changer in storytelling and cinema.

His final praise for ‘Animal’ encapsulated his aspiration to possess a similar level of conviction in his filmmaking journey. “The success and acceptance of ‘Animal’ is game-changing. The conviction is something that I want to have,” Johar declared, signifying the film’s profound impact on his perspective as a filmmaker.

Karan Johar’s resounding praise and unwavering enthusiasm for ‘Animal’ undoubtedly position the movie as a potentially transformative force in the landscape of contemporary cinema.

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