Karan Johar Collaborates with MyGlamm for a New Lipstick Collection

Film Director and Producer Karan Johar has joined MyGlamm to launch a striking new addition to the beauty world – the MyGlamm POUT collection. This exciting collaboration introduces a range of pigmented, plumping lipsticks designed to offer instant volume and a glossy finish, beautifully captured under the #WhenInDoubtPout campaign.

The campaign empowers individuals to embrace their unique pouts with the MyGlamm POUT lipstick range. Seeking to redefine the phrase “when in doubt, pout,” the campaign aims to celebrate inner beauty and confidence by reshaping moments of uncertainty into statements of empowerment.

Sukhleen Aneja, CEO of Good Brands Co., Good Glamm Group, expressed immense excitement about this partnership with Karan Johar. She highlighted the iconic collection as a blend of innovation and quality, offering diverse lipsticks that cater to varied preferences. The #WhenInDoubtPout campaign aims to reimagine the pout as a symbol of style and confidence, redefining beauty beyond norms. MyGlamm embodies the spirit of self-expression and empowerment, and the collaboration with Karan Johar perfectly aligns with this vision. The MyGlamm POUT range features glossy plumping lipsticks in ten stunning shades, inviting everyone to embrace their unique pouts.

Adding his thoughts, Karan Johar shared that beauty signifies individuality and confidence for him. His vision for the POUT collection was to empower individuals to celebrate their beauty and make a statement through their lips. Thrilled about partnering with MyGlamm, he believes the collection promises high-quality, trend-setting beauty products that encourage self-expression and confidence.

The collaboration between Karan Johar and MyGlamm marks an exciting step in the beauty industry, blending individuality, confidence, and self-expression into a stunning lipstick collection. MyGlamm POUT presents not just lipsticks but a celebration of uniqueness and empowerment, inviting everyone to embrace their distinct beauty.

This collaboration resonates with Karan Johar’s belief in beauty as an expression of confidence and individuality, promising trend-setting and high-quality beauty products. The MyGlamm POUT collection emerges as a unique symbol of empowerment and self-expression.

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