Ishan Kishan’s Road to Recovery: Navigating Mental Fatigue and Planning a Comeback in 2024

Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan, Team India’s promising young wicketkeeper-batter, has stepped back from the cricketing limelight, grappling with mental fatigue. His absence since the T20I series against Australia in November 2023 has sparked conversations about young athletes’ pressures and the importance of mental health in sports.

The Journey of Respite and Reflection

After participating in the series against Australia, Kishan opted out of the coming tour of South Africa and the Test series against the Proteas, citing the need for a break. His decision underscored the growing recognition of mental well-being as crucial to an athlete’s performance and longevity in the sport. 

Missed Opportunities and the Road Ahead

Ishan Kishan’s hiatus extended through the T20I series against Afghanistan and the home Tests against England, raising questions about his return. Team India’s head coach, Rahul Dravid, expressed the team’s support for Ishan Kishan’s recovery, stating that his comeback would depend on when he feels ready rather than participation in domestic cricket. This approach reflects a nuanced understanding of mental health challenges and the need for recovery plans. 

Gearing Up for a Comeback

Recent reports from Cricbuzz indicate that Ishan Kishan has been spotted training in Baroda, using the facilities at the Reliance Stadium. This move suggests a positive step towards his return to the international scene, although the timeline for competitive play remains uncertain. The camaraderie and support from fellow cricketers, including the Pandya brothers, underline the cricket community’s role in an individual player’s recovery journey. 

Navigating the Path to Competitive Cricket: Ishan Kishan

Despite Ishan Kishan’s return to training, Ishan Kishan has decided to skip Jharkhand’s upcoming Ranji Trophy match against Haryana. This decision continues to fuel speculation about his return to competitive cricket and its implications on his position within the BCCI central contract system, where he is currently listed in Grade C. 

The Wicketkeeper Conundrum

In Ishan Kishan’s absence, KS Bharat has stepped in as the wicketkeeper for the England Tests. However, Bharat’s struggles with the bat have highlighted the potential for Kishan’s return, had he been ready for competitive action. This situation underscores the delicate balance between mental health considerations and team composition strategies.


Ishan Kishan’s journey through mental fatigue and toward a potential comeback is a testament to the evolving landscape of athlete welfare in cricket. As he navigates his recovery, the support from the cricketing fraternity and the flexibility offered by the team management serve as critical pillars. Kishan’s experience sheds light on the broader conversation about mental health in sports, emphasizing the need for patience, understanding, and personalized pathways back to the game.

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