Bobby Deol hints South Cinema Debut in 2024 after Animal

Bobby Deol

South Cinema Knocking door: Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol, basking in the success of the film “Animal,” recently delighted fans by sharing insights in a video where he answered questions about the movie. Dressed in an all-Prada ensemble styled by his wife, Tanya Deol, Bobby expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response to the film.

The actor revealed his favorite song from “Animal” to be “Jamal Kudu,” which served as his character Abrar’s entry song. Bobby Deol’s acknowledgment of his wife’s styling prowess added a personal touch to his success celebration, emphasizing their strong bond.

Bobby Deol: Reflection of the character Abrar

In a lighthearted moment, Bobby Deol hinted at a potential debut in the South Indian film industry. He expressed Excitement as he shared, “It’s in the South industry, and I am very excited working with this director. He is such a sweetheart. I call him a teddy bear. I am working with a great actor, and the cast and the crew, the team are just awesome.” This revelation piqued the curiosity of fans eager to witness Bobby’s versatile talents in a different cinematic landscape.

Reflecting on his character Abrar, Bobby Deol envisioned a superpower that resonates with his values, stating, “Peace to the world. Peace and happiness.” This choice aligns with the actor’s cheerful and pleasant persona on and off-screen.

Bobby Deol in aww with character Abrar

The actor also shared his favorite dialogue for Abrar, offering a glimpse into the character’s persona with the line, “Tu aur tu idhar aa.” It adds a layer of intrigue to the dynamics within the film, leaving fans eager to witness the context of this intriguing dialogue.

As “Animal,” directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and featuring Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role, continues its triumphant journey at the box office, Bobby expressed gratitude to fans with a heartfelt caption on the video. The film’s remarkable domestic box office collection of Rs 550.85 crore net and global earnings nearing the prestigious Rs 900 crore milestone worldwide underscore the massive success and impact of the project.

Notably, Bobby Deol’s brother and fellow actor, Sunny Deol, couldn’t resist sharing the joy, commenting on the post with heart emojis. The Deol family’s camaraderie adds a heartwarming touch to the celebration of Bobby’s success in “Animal,” making it a moment cherished by fans and the industry alike

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