Pepe Jeans London Targets Rs 2,000 Crore Sales in Two Years

Pepe Jeans London, renowned for its denim legacy, has set its sights on the burgeoning Indian market with a colossal target of reaching Rs 2,000 crore in sales within the next two years. This ambitious goal positions India as the brand’s second-largest market, surpassing the sales figures in Spain and the UK. The driving force behind this surge is the mounting demand from the youth demographic, propelling Pepe Jeans’ rapid ascent in the Indian fashion landscape.

Manish Kapoor, the Managing Director and CEO of Pepe Jeans India disclosed the brand’s aggressive expansion plans, intending to launch over 100 stores across the country in the next three years. Kapoor foresees an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18–20 percent in the Indian market over the next three to five years. An essential aspect of their strategy involves securing 55 percent of their business directly through their sales channels.

Strategic adaptation and a focus on trends have been pivotal for Pepe Jeans’ success, especially in Tier II and III cities. The brand’s robust digital presence, burgeoning disposable incomes, and increased internet penetration in these cities have led to substantial growth. Presently, 58 percent of Pepe Jeans’ business emanates from the top eight cities, with the remaining share coming from Tier II and smaller towns.

Pepe Jeans has been a fixture in India since 1988 and boasts ownership of brands like Hackett and Faconnable. Notably, the brand also holds licenses for distributing Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein in Spain and Portugal. While men’s wear constitutes nearly 90 percent of its sales in India, as opposed to 65 percent in Europe, Pepe Jeans has set its sights on expanding its presence in the footwear and women’s western wear categories across the country.

Emerging as the second-largest denim brand in India, Pepe Jeans commands a network of over 200 branded outlets nationwide. This significant market share provides a strong foundation for the brand’s growth aspirations and its commitment to diversifying its offerings to cater to a broader audience. Its ambitious vision for the Indian market reflects the brand’s confidence in India’s growth potential. With strategic expansion plans, a focus on digital innovation, and a diversified product portfolio,

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